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H.T. says: "I have seen John for five years. I deal with spasms and pain as part of my disability. John is the best massage therapist I have ever seen. He has seen me in so much pain I could barely breathe and often in one session (sometimes two or three.) I am back to normal. He has worked on my back shoulders and jaw when I was having acute tmj and nothing else worked. Now it is completely gone of course. John is incredibly generous and caring and skilled. Getting massages from anyone else is a waste of time. Also he is extremely disability friendly, flexible respectful and accommodating. I don't know what I would do without John. He is an essential part of my self care and a wonderful human being. I've never had massage be more effective for me."

Hillary R. says: I am INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED by John's ability as a Certified Massage Therapist! I have seen many Massage Therapists over the years, and have found them to be hit or miss when it came to pain relief and relaxation. John came recommended by a friend who thought he was a very talented practitioner, and my friend was absolutely right!!! I have had chronic back an neck issues for years, and John's ability to find and release the pain spots using a variety of massage modalities as he finds necessary, gets me up and moving for weeks on end. I have not had pain-free days and weeks like this in years and years! In addition, I experienced a traumatizing event recently, and John's training as a Reiki Master and Certified Massage Therapist, helped me to release the fear and anxiety I carried on a cellular and central nervous system level. I make SURE that I see him once a month. His fees are extremely reasonable and he is kind, calm, a good listener, and very respectful of the the therapist/client relationship. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!!!!

Jabari A says: 

I am a public school teacher, and I had had a very long week--and year for that matter. I had heard many positive responses to John's massage therapy among my friends. He had other plans later on that evening  before I requested a massage at the last minute. He was thoughtful enough to take time for a session with me. When I got to his place, he immediately made me feel at ease by asking me what I would like in the homemade spa water that he was preparing. John asked me which genre of music I would like to be played during the session, and what the temperature of the room should be to suit me best. I've never been with a therapist that paid such detail to my mind and body's needs! I have trouble sleeping a lot, but I slept like a baby. I was ready for the next school day because of John's inviting environment, friendly nature, and expert hands. For an evening, being a teacher wasn't one of the top most stressful professions in the country. Thank you so much, John!

Howard Says: I just had my first massage with John and WOW! 
I was having a horrible day at work and my body was sorely in need of massage. He was able to open his space to me and the feeling of "Being Welcome" let me start letting go of what's been happening in my life and start healing. 
Once he started on my massage, he used a series of different techniques that I was not familiar with, but boy, do they work! I have major issues (having hurt my neck in the past and more recently, my back) and they were all resolved with great results. 
I highly recommend an amazing massage from John. Thank you so much!


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